About Us

Welcome to TulipWay Holding Company

TulipWay Holding is proudly providing Turkish products and services and exporting them overseas.

We give you the opportunity of choosing from multiple producers.

So far we exported to 25 countries including the USA, Tanzania, Morocco, Mauritania, Sudan, The Gambia, Oman, Kenya, Lybia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Palestine, Qatar, Russia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Kuwait, Australia, Iraq, Algeria, and Hungary.

We aim to provide you with all services and products from Turkey and export them to you.

Welcome to TulipWay Holding Company

Our Story

We started in 2019 by providing our customers with baby women clothes and orthopedic shoes wholesales and because the Turkish market is full of excellent producers but due to language barriers, we found a great opportunity to fill the market’s gap and help our clients get the best products and services.

So when we received requests from new clients to provide them with heavy equipment spare parts and baby diapers we were prepared to full fill with their requirements with a focus on customer satisfaction.